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Some information about its Championship : 

Arthur dreamed of joining the Porsche Carrera Cup France championship for the 2021 season, and now he has.


"I have managed to be in Porsche Carrera Cup, but I am aware that my first year was used to gain experience and not to compete for the title. My first objective is to continue on this path and then, with my experience, to get on to the podium." 


Some information on this Championship :


Historically, the Porsche Carrera Cup is a championship that has been created in 1987 with The Porsche 944 Turbo Cup (also known as 944 Turbo S).

At the time it was used to promote this model.

It worked very well and Porsche decided to continue this Championship with the 964 Cup, then with the 993 Cup, then with the 996 Cup, 997 Cup, 991 Cup (phase 1 and 2) and finally with the Porsche 992 Cup since 2021.


Nowadays this Championship counts 12 races in the season on the most beautiful French and European circuits (for the French Championship) like Spa-Francorchamps, Barcelona, Monza, Paul Ricard....

From now on, this Championship is not only used to prove that Porsche production cars are very good racing cars, but also to promote young drivers and to support them to ensure their career.

These cars show by the age range of this Championship (currently 16 to 50 years old) that Porsche cars are not only very efficient on the track, but that they can also be tamed and are open to all those who have the passion for them.


Arthur even tells us : "It is easy to drive, but hard to pilot."


Beyond that, the Porsche Cup is the only race car of such power (currently 510 hp) to have no ABS and no traction control. The car is therefore "in its raw state". Moreover, it is lighter (about 1265 kg) and homologated for the track.

 This is also what makes Porsche and the Porsche Carrera Cup unique. 

The Porsche philosophy has remained the same for years. 


"I like to compare today's Porsche 992 GT3 Cup with a Porsche 356 B Carrera GT from 1963, which has a racing engine (in this case, the Porsche 904 GTS), a roll bar, which is lightened with its aluminium doors and covers, bucket seats, plastic windows, a glove box that no longer exists in order to lighten the car as much as possible, and then its 100-litre tank...

The 992 GT3 Cup is gutted, has a roll bar, has its carbon doors and plastic windows, a bucket seat, a racing engine, a big tank and of course, no glove box !" 


This is the Porsche Spirit: To create an efficient, reliable and versatile production car.

"That's why this One-Design Championship is unique and why the Porsche Spirit is unique."


Added to all of this, the hyper media coverage of this Championship. 

"Porsche supports young motorsport hopefuls, helps them to achieve and develop with training camps, and that too is the Porsche Spirit !" 


This is how Arthur sees this Championship and this legendary brand. 


"Thank you Porsche for allowing me to have such beautiful dreams."

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