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"Bernar Venet is the first artist to have helped me and trusted me.

Thanks to his renown, he made it possible for my ArtCar project to exist and grow. 

"Venet, like his friends Alexander Calder, Frank Stella, Roy Lichtenstein and Andy Warhol, was asked by BMW to create a competition ArtCar in the late 70's," explains Arthur.

Mr. Venet refused to make an ArtCar for BMW and did so 40 years later with BUGATTI on a Veyron Grand Sport.

"Bugatti is a brand I've appreciated for a long time. I had a Veyron myself at the time, and I loved its design and efficiency," explains Mr. Venet.

It was then that Arthur Mathieu, a student in the Baccalaureate specializing in Arts & Economics, studied Venet in class and became interested in his projects. 

When he saw the ArtCar Bugatti, it was like a revelation.

"The idea of mixing my passions and using both to increase the audience for each was my goal," says Arthur.

The Artist and the young driver met and decided to collaborate on a Porsche.

"I really like the pure design of this new Porsche GT3 Cup. I think my work will go well with its shape," says Bernar Venet.

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