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The starting line

In 2020 Arthur began his motorsport career with the Caterham French Championship at just 16 years old. Having never driven a kart, he entered the  "Academy" championship, reserved for people who had never held a racing license.

He finished on the podium on his very first race weekend, and scored podium finishes on every circuit of the season. After these excellent results, Arthur finished third in the championship.

His aim in this first season was to build up a "Palmarès" (racing past) to be selected for the Porsche France Junior Programme, so that he could drive a Porsche on track and understand the expectations of the manufacturer that drives his passion.

The acces to the dream

The French Porsche Junior Program was the gateway to Arthur's dream.

"I started motorsport by calling Porsche France in 2019 after reading an article in a Flat6 Magazine talking about the French Junior Program from 15 to 25 years old. I had realized that it was conceivable for a young person of my age to drive a Porsche racing car on a track."

After this first call, Arthur realized that he would have to come back with a bit of experience in motorsport, (which is what he had set out to do in his first season). He finally signed up for the Porsche selection in October 2020, an edition in which he was selected to take part, becoming the youngster with the smallest racing career to have taken part in this selection. He understood what was at stake as he competed against 7 other much more experienced youngsters, and finally drove a Porsche 911 GT3 Cup 991.2 on the circuit.

"It was simply magical, the car was so efficient, the grip was something I was discovering... Everything was unique."

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The learning year

Thanks to a highly unusual ArtCar project with Bernar Venet, Arthur was able to create something that interested partners. As a result, he has made it onto the grid of the Porsche Carrera Cup France in 2021, for his second season of motorsport with a brand-new SPARK MOTORSPORT team as the only driver. The team has teamed up with Racing Technology to help Arthur with another driver during the season. Arthur finished his first year scoring points and looking to assert himself in the following season. "It was a very rewarding first year in the Porsche Cup, but also a very tough one. I wasn't used to fighting to try and finish in the top 20. Next year I want to progress and reach the top 10."

The year of progress

In 2022 Arthur creates an ArtCar with L'Art de L'Automobile and joins the Martinet by Alméras team, considered one of the championship's top teams. "My ambition is to reach the top 10 and I think that with the Martinet by Alméras team it's an achievable goal."

The driver concretizes his objectives by finishing tenth in the championship while scoring 10 times more points than in his first season.

"The objective has been achieved thanks to the fantastic work of the team. I'm very proud of my progress and to feel that I have my place in this championship."

Making it real

In 2023, Arthur surprised everyone by collaborating with Daniel Arsham to create his ArtCar. At the same time, he continued to make progress, with the aim of only competing in the top 10 and reaching the top 5 at the end of the season. Unfortunately, this objective is only half achieved by the driver, who is unable to obtain the necessary budget to take part in the pre-race tests. "I'm faced with the reality that I haven't managed to acquire the budget to do the tests that would allow me to progress. It's very frustrating and complicated not to be able to do it, but I won't give up."

Indeed, the driver scored his first top 5 in qualifying behind the championship leader in the second round. "I fell ill during the first round in Barcelona, but here I'm in good shape. I drove on this track at the start of the season with the official championship tests so I have the same chances as the others."

It's been a season of ups and downs, but the driver shows that he's clearly progressed and is now used to the special driving of a Porsche 911.

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