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Arthur and Arthur met after Porsche France invited the young driver to see the new Porsche 968 ArtCar in Paris during Fashion Week.

The two got to know each other and realized that a project could take place between them.

Arthur "Kar" had a project with Porsche Motorsport in which he was to design a livery for a Porsche 911 racing car. He suggested to Arthur Mathieu that they design his car, and off they went.

After several meetings, Arthur Kar decided to make a livery in which the car would be linked with his upcoming sportswear designs. Porsche accepted the design, and the ArtKar was about to come to life.

"I'm very honored to be working with Arthur Kar after the impressive 968 ArtCar he created with Porsche. I love his eye for fashion and we share a passion for beautiful cars. I think his talent for making his projects very fashionable will be useful in helping me design a different way of communicating that will serve my partners. Conversely, Arthur will be designing a racing Porsche just after France's greatest abstract Artist Bernar VENET, which may bring a certain notoriety to his new artistic projects on cars." Arthur Mathieu explains.

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